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The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System
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Now a well respected, 200-pound, lean & muscular fitness trainer, Sean reveals his secrets for success in this #1 best-selling package, which explains all of the correct methods behind building muscle, nutrition, taking supplements, motivation, recovery, preventing injury and much more.

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BodyBuilding Blunders

Everyone knows that lifting weights in the gym is what stimulates muscle growth...

Yet most people never even come close to getting the most out of their workouts, because quite simply, they aren't making effective exercise selections.

This is the most basic choice of all that you could make in the gym...

"What movements am I going to perform to stimulate my muscles to grow?"

With most gyms being flooded with fancy chrome machinery and high-tech workout gismos, almost all trainees have lost sight of the basics and are severely compromising their gains as a result.

Most trainees opt for easier and less challenging exercises without even realizing it, and end up stimulating their muscles to only a fraction of the extent that they would have if they had only chosen the proper lifts.

Proper exercise selection is incredibly straightforward, but when executed properly it will multiply the effectiveness of your workout by many leaps and bounds.

In order to get the most bang for your buck in the gym, your primary focus should be placed on basic, compound, multi-jointed movements. Compound movements involve the use of 2 or more muscle groups at a time (as opposed to "isolation" exercises which only stimulate a single muscle group at a time) and will produce the most dramatic overall anabolic effect on your body.

Compound movements are superior to isolation movements because...

1) They stimulate the most total muscle fiber at one time.

This means that you can work a wide range of muscles by performing only a small number of exercises. For example, the bench press is an awesome compound movement for the chest, but it also stimulates the shoulders and triceps at the same time.

2) They allow you to lift the greatest amount of weight.

This will result in a total body "spill over" effect, and will allow you to increase the amount of weight that you lift in your smaller isolation exercises at a quicker pace.

3) They increase anabolic hormone production.

Muscles do not grow merely by being directly stimulated with weights. Muscle growth also occurs as your body kicks up its production of anabolic muscle-building hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. The best way to increase the production of these hormones is through the use of intense, compound exercises.

Because of these 3 important factors, compound exercises should form the basis of your entire routine. In fact, the majority of your focus in the gym should be placed on increasing the amount of weight you lift and the number of reps that you perform for all of your compound movements.

Isolation exercises should still be included in your routine to ensure that you achieve total stimulation for every individual muscle group, but they should be viewed as a supplemental part of the routine rather than the core of it.....

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